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ReThinkOil Origanum Minutiflorum Wild Oregano Oil Sustainable Harvesting


High Altitude & Wild Grown

Certified Organic


Expertly Distilled for Maximum Synergy

GC/MS Tested for Purity

APPEARANCE:  Light to medium Amber. 

Store upright, using cap (not dropper) for long-term storage.

Avoid prolonged exposure to heat.

SCENT:  Scent will change over time

3-6 months post distillation (very strong, "earthy" / "smoky" scent).

7-12 months post distillation (moderately strong scent, now beginning to mellow).

13 - 36 months post distillation (scent will continue to mellow as the months go on).

Regardless of scent, the properties are shown to be "highly active" throughout expiration date.

Caution Sign


Oregano essential oil must be diluted before use.

CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescription medication, or have a medical condition. 

Discontinue use immediately if you experience any negative effects or a worsening of existing symptoms.  

Oil and water do not mix, use another beverage selection when possible.

Heat will intensify this product, DO NOT USE IN HOT WATER OR HOT BEVERAGES.

Avoid undiluted contact with skin or mouth. 


If exposed to undiluted oil, use coconut, olive or another edible oil to cleanse the skin.  Using oil will calm the burn and assist to remove excess essential oil from the area.

Using any cooking oil, repeatedly wipe the affected area (wipe off and apply more oil as necessary to fully remove from skin).

Or wash the area with cool soap and water, wiping and repeating as needed to remove all essential oil from the skin.

*Never use hot water to wash oregano essential oil from the skin, only cold or cool soapy water.  Using hot water will cause/increase the burning sensation on the skin.

Using any cooking oil, put about a tablespoon into the mouth and swish around.  Spit out the oil and repeat until the you no longer experience a burning sensation.

Full-fat beverages, like whole milk, coconut milk, etc. can be used if cooking oil is not available. 

Swish the milk around in the mouth, then spit (repeat until the burning sensation is gone).


Read all cautions before proceeding.

Oregano essential oil must be diluted before it can be consumed. 

It is very spicy and can cause a burning sensation if used undiluted. 

This section provides dilution suggestions.


If you are new to using oregano oil, you will need to find a palatable way to consume the oil.  This section offers some suggestions:

• First, read over this entire section, including DILUTION SUGGESTIONS.
• Always work with small amounts to test the strength and flavor you prefer (to avoid wasting oil).
• Larger portions can be mixed once you decide on the strength to use.
• Use a glass container with a top, lid or cap to mix and store larger dilutions.
• Always drink 8 or more ounces of water after each dose of oregano.


Each person is unique; however, our pure, non-standardized oil is generally well tolerated and can be used daily by most individuals once properly diluted.

Oregano contains phenolic compounds (also found in coffee, tea, cocoa...), that can "bind" to iron. When phenolic compounds are consumed with a meal, the iron contained in the consumed meal may not be well absorbed. Those who intend to dose during meals for long term may want to consider adding in a plant-based iron supplement.

*Consuming phenolic compounds away from meals (on an empty stomach) has not been shown to impair the absorption of iron, although those who consume phenols multiple times throughout the day may need to supplement.

For beginners, we suggest starting with 1 drop per day in your preferred dilution medium and working up from there. Although dilution medium suggestions are included with the product, you may need to try several before finding one that suits your taste buds.
“Smart Dosing” tips are included with the product and should be considered as the drops are increased. These tips are designed to minimize potential die-off symptoms that can occur when antimicrobials are used (herxheimer reaction).


(dilution suggestions)


Olive, Coconut, MCT, Algae, Hemp, Flax, or other edible oil.

Choose a carrier oil, then decide on the strength.  1:3 and 1:4 are the most popular strengths sold: 

1:3 = 1 drop oregano + 3 drops carrier.

*each 4 drops of the dilution mixture provides one full drop
of oregano.

1:4 = 1 drop oregano + 4 drops carrier.

*each 5 drops of the dilution mixture provides one full drop of oregano.

If the 1:3 or 1:4 dilutions are too strong, try using 1 drop of oregano in 1/2 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.  You may have to experiment to find the exact dilution that you are happy with.


The 1:3 or 1:4 dilution can be used to fill empty veggie caps.


A drop of oregano essential oil can be added to a smoothie or other beverage with texture (milk, juice...).

Heat will intensify this product, DO NOT USE IN HOT WATER OR HOT BEVERAGES.

Oil and water do not mix, use another beverage selection when possible.


A drop can be stirred into a teaspoon of Honey, Agave, or another natural sweetener.


Oregano can be diffused or used topically and orally. 
Additional information about these common uses and more can be found in the Learning Centeron ReThinkOil.com.


Once you find a dilution, gradually increase the drops/doses as needed.

Allow time in between increases to adjust.  Whenever possible, split up dosing at different times throughout the day instead of taking the entire dose at once.

Using the Topical Dilution Chart

Choose the amount of carrier oil

Choose the percent dilution

Follow the lines over and down for the # of essential oil drops to use

EXAMPLE:  A 3% dilution = 3 drops of essential oil into teaspoon carrier oil.  Mix well before each use.

Product Guarantee

All our oil products come with a shelf-life money back guarantee. The guarantee is valid throughout the expiration date on the bottom of the bottle.

Contact us any time for a hassle-free refund, exchange, or replacement.
If your product did not arrive in perfect condition, contact us as soon as possible for a quick resolution.


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