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This is the absolute best

I wanted to take a few moments to express how impressed I am with this product and the quality of customer service. After trying a couple different brands of wild oregano oil, this one showed me some successful results. I have been plagued with significant gastrointestinal problems most of my life and for the first time, I am enjoying complete 100% relief . Also, I recently had a really bad cut in my leg from falling on a cactus quilt in the desert. My leg was fiery red and almost purple. The discomfort from the pain was significant and with great surprise, I experienced relief from the pain within 12 hours of taking this product. I’m not sure why this product worked better for me than other brands that I have tried, but it truly has. I’m guessing that the quality of ingredients must be superior? Out of all of the supplements that I have tried through the years, this one is by far the best!


I try never to run out of it!

5 stars for quality & smell . This specific lavender oil is fantastic. It smells amazing and since it a high quality oil, it doesn’t smell fake or like chemicals at all unlike other oils or “lavender scent” products I have tried. I use this lavender oil in my diffuser as a tool for better sleep and its easy to use in my nightly routine. It helps me relax and sleep more soundly . Even my boyfriend loves the way it smells! I also add it to my body lotions , face serums, conditioners, water spritzer to freshen up my linens. Since it’s pet safe I also use it in a natural mix to wash my dogs and also in spray to make them smell nice as well . I am a repeat buyer for a year now because it is relatively inexpensive considering all of the uses I get from it. I try never to run out of it.


Best oil in my collection, hands down.

This is what gets us through the cough/cold/flu season! This oil is amazing at helping us get well faster. We diffuse it, wear it and take the oregano caps. It has shortened illnesses noticeably and smells great!


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