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Oregano Essential Oil (Wild Mediterranean)

You have selected Size and Formulation: 1 oz - Pure Undiluted Wild Oregano Essential Oil

Why origanum minutiflorum?

Minutiflorum is a non-standardized, high-altitude grown wild oregano oil with a well balanced natural chemical component profile, suited for everyday and/or therapeutic use. The carvacrol content of minutiflorum is naturally high, eliminating the need for standardization. It is rare to find a non-standardized vulgare with such a profile.

Choosing and using an oil wisely will produce the best outcome.

Where it's grown

Origanum minutiflorum is a rare herb, endemic to the high-altitude region of the Western Taurus Mountains. The Taurus Mountains reach well over 3700 meters and are rich in naturally occurring mineral deposits such as chromium, silver, copper, iron, ignite and zinc.

This high-altitude region is also abundant in limestone, waterfalls, and underground rivers, which contribute to the pristine growing conditions that produce this highly sought after Origanum.

What it’s used for

People around the world are using oregano for symptoms of UTI’s, parasites, viruses, bacterial & fungal overgrowth, oral care and a wide range of skin conditions.

Why it works

The chemical components in oregano oil have been scientifically studied and are shown to to naturally relieve symptoms involving the skin, respiratory system and GI tract.

The phenols & terpenes naturally contained within the oregano plant have varying "anti" properties. Among these are the highly sought after antimicrobial properties, which include antibiotic, antibiofilm, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-insecticidal, antiparasitic and antispasmodic, to name just a few.

Botanical Name: Origanum minutiflorum

Origin: Turkey

All our oregano products are made from the same wild Mediterranean grown ECOCERT certified oregano essential oil.  Please see below for guidance on choosing the best formulation for you. 

Choose from 3 Formulations

All three of our formulations contain the same Wild Mediterranean Oregano.

1) 100% Pure, Undiluted Organic Wild Mediterranean Oregano Essential Oil (you appropriately dilute before use).

  • The most versatile - pure oregano essential oil can be diffused or properly diluted into carrier of choice for consumption, oral and topical use.
  • Non-standardized, naturally high in carvacrol.
  • ECOCERT Certified Organic, food grade, undiluted, unadulterated.
  • Available in 1  and 2 ounce size:

    2) Gourmet Organic Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

    • For beginners or experienced users, Oil of Oregano is an excellent choice in a ready-to-use formula.
    • Our Gourmet Wild Oil of Oregano, is conveniently pre-diluted with Organic PDO Kolymvari Olive Oil for on the go immediate use.
    • 1:4 blend (1 part wild oregano : 4 parts PDO organic Kolymvari olive oil).
    • Current batch expires December 2022.
    • The Oregano Oil in this formula contains: Carvacrol 82.66%, Thymol 0.28%.
    • Click to view Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

      3) WildCaps (Wild Mediterranean Oil of oregano liquid capsules)

      • WildCaps utilize a non-enteric coated, plant-based delayed-release technology.  
      • Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, contains zero animal products, Kosher-friendly formula (not certified Kosher).
      • 100 mg wild Mediterranean oregano per capsule in a dilution of non-gmo sunflower lethicin.
      • Current lot expires December 2022.
      • The Oregano Oil in this formula contains: Carvacrol 82.66%.

      Sale Pricing

      ***1 ounce Oregano essential oil expiring 12/31/22 is 50% off while supplies last***

      *** 2 ounce Oregano essential oil expiring 7/31/23 is 25% off while supplies last***

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      The sale oil that expires on 12/31/22  has a very mild scent (as always, even our sale products are returnable/refundable throughout expiration date).

      This discount is valid only while supplies last, and this message will be removed and the discount code will be disabled when stock runs out.

      This discount only applies to the 1 ounce Pure Oregano Essential Oil expiring 12/31/22 and 2 ounce Pure Oregano Essential Oil expiring 7/31/23  and does not apply to WildCaps or or more recent batches of oregano.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 105 reviews
      Brandon S.

      Oregano Essential Oil (Wild Mediterranean)

      Liliana P.
      Wild Mediterranean Oregano oil

      I bought oregano oil to treat a UTI, instead of taking the antibiotic I was prescribed. I used it for 7 days 3x a day 5 drops. I went back to the doctor after a few weeks of finished the oregano oil treatment to be retested for UTI and the urine test came back negative for the infection. It really work! I’m so happy I found an option for antibiotics. Thank you! to ReThinkOil company for making this oil.

      it works!

      Whenever I feel that my throat feels a little sore and maybe feeling a cold coming on, I take a half of a tsp of good quality honey and place a drop of oregano oil on top and my sore throat seems to go away! I would highly recommend this product and I have been using it for a while now with proven effects.

      Julie B.-.H.H.D.
      Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil

      Thanks for re-sending my Oregano Oil order so promptly after the snafu at my local post office! I've been raving about this product for years & now I can honestly say the customer service is every bit as good at the product!! I'm currently using it to control a severe dental infection until I can get surgery (wait-listed). I've previously used it to treat Lyme disease, prevention or treat Covid, and so much more. In my opinion (& well-researched), it is the best product on the planet for healing the lungs! I always want a supply on hand. This is my natural antibiotic. It has no side effects & many side benefits (such as being anti-inflammatory)!! As a Holistic Health Coach, this is my "go to" for myself & my clients.


      Very good quality