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Looking for dietary supplements and other Natural Health Care products? ReThinkOil customers receive a 25% discount (off retail) on over 500 brands and thousands of formulas.  No customer fees whatsoever,  sign up and full catalog access is always free.

What is Fullscript?  Fullscript is a Healthcare wholesale catalog for Practitioners and patients.  Fullscript has three strategically placed warehouses where orders are shipped, in most cases, the same day as ordered or the next business day.

What does Fullscript carry, in addition to Nutritional Supplements?  Fullscript carries a wide range of natural health care products.  You'll find products ranging from bandages, feminine care and oral care to essential oils, carrier oils, makeup and other natural beatifying products (toners, serums, creams, etc.).   You'll even find pet care products for your furry friends.

Searching Fullscript:  Navigate to CATALOG and type into the search bar to search by brand, ingredient or supplement name. 

For example, searching single words, such as:  soap, antimicrobial, omegas, silver, and digestive, will provide results for a wide range of related products.

Searching more specifically, for instance:  Designs for Health mitochondria will show formulas by Designs for Health that are beneficial to mitochondria production or enhancement.  

Want to see if your favorite brands and products are available on Fullscript?  Typing the name of the formula as it appears on the product label will work best to narrow down the search results.  Alternatively, search by Brand to find your formula.

 Order supplements through my Fullscript store.