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ReThinkOil Oregano Oil Origanum Minutiflorum Wildcaps Supplement

Origanum minutiflorum (ECOCERT Certified Organic)

Origanum minutiflorum is a rare herb, endemic to the high-altitude region of the Western Taurus Mountains, where its limited growth stretches in a narrow band between the Isparta and Antalya provinces. The Taurus Mountains reach well over 3700 meters (over 12,000ft) and are rich in naturally occurring mineral deposits, such as chromium, silver, copper, iron, ignite and zinc.

This high-altitude region is also abundant in limestone, waterfalls, and underground rivers, which contribute to the pristine growing conditions that produce this rare, highly sought after Origanum.

Origanum minutiflorum growing on Western Taurus Mountains in Turkey

Sustainable Harvesting

Once permission is granted by the local Forestry Department, endemic minutiflorum is carefully harvested to preserve the integrity of the plant.

ReThinkOil Origanum Minutiflorum Wild Oregano Oil Sustainable Harvesting



Our non-standardized oil is expertly distilled to achieve maximum synergistic activity between the naturally occurring chemical constituents within the oil.

Standardizing by means of high-heat distillation is common in the industry and is oftentimes done to increase levels of specific constituents, primarily carvacrol.

ReThink's Origanum minutiflorum is naturally high in carvacrol, so there is no need to standardize. Our oil is a true gift from Mother Earth.

ReThinkOil Oregano Oil in jar with dropper Origanum Minutiflorum


3rd party Chemists proficient in essential oil analysis utilize GC-MS testing, the gold standard in essential oil purity analysis.

A full transparent report is attached (refer to main photo's, by the product description at the top of the page).

ReThinkOil oregano is made up of naturally occurring chemical constituents and nothing else.

ReThinkOil Origanum Minutiflorum Wild Oregano Oil GC/MS Tested 100% Pure

Choose from 2 Formulations

1) 100% Pure, Undiluted Organic Wild Mediterranean Oregano Essential Oil (you appropriately dilute before use).

  • The most versatile - pure oregano essential oil can be diffused or properly diluted into carrier of choice for consumption, oral and topical use.
  • Non-standardized, naturally high in carvacrol.
  • ECOCERT Certified Organic, food grade, undiluted, unadulterated.
  • Available in 1 ounce size:
    • Expiring December 2028

    2) Gourmet Organic Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

    • For beginners or experienced users, Oil of Oregano is an excellent choice in a ready-to-use formula.
    • Our Gourmet Wild Oil of Oregano, is conveniently pre-diluted with Organic PDO Kolymvari Olive Oil for on the go immediate use.
    • 1:4 blend (1 part wild oregano : 4 parts PDO organic Kolymvari olive oil).
    • Expiring December 2025


        The WildCaps Advantage

        The most natural option available in an intestinal release formula.

        The only Oregano capsule to utilize plant-based delayed-release technology.

        Free from the chemicals, plasticizers, solvents and additives commonly used on enteric coated caps.

        Vegetarian, Kosher compliant, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free.

        Easy to swallow, "no-stick" capsules (WildCaps won't stick together in the bottle).

        Capsule is virtually "odor-free"

        Research Methods

        New to using essential oils and other natural products or just want to learn more about using Oregano oil specifically? 

        In our Blog (Oregano Science) and Practitioner's Corner, Teena provides some of the basics to get your research started, as well as breaks down some popular research studies into layman's terms, to better help you understand the capabilities of what oregano oil can do for you as a natural digestive aid and antimicrobial agent.  Antimicrobial encompasses: antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic properties.

        We recommend obtaining information through a variety of sources that utilize unbiased, science-based research studies: PubMedExamine.comAromaWeb and NAHA.

        AromaWeb is one of our favorite sites and covers everything from safety & usage to DIY recipes and more.  You can use these resources and others to search for information on usage, safety and effectiveness of essential oils.

        KEY POINTS:

        • Results show oregano’s ability to reduce inflammation throughout the small intestine and colon, promoting the integrity of the intestinal barrier (epithelium), likely due to its effects on intestinal bacteria and immune status.
        • Overall nutrient absorption was increased.
        • Endotoxins, such as e coli, were significantly reduced.
        • 2 min read

        KEY POINTS:

        • TB, Strep, Staph, E coli and Salmonella are some of the more common types of bacterial infections found in humans.
        • Oregano is shown to be an alternative antibacterial in enhancing the healing process of bacterial infections, in turn preventing antibiotic resistant strain development.
        • Origanum minutiflorum can be used as an alternative to antibiotics to combat microbial diseases, including those of bacterial origin.
        • Origanum minutiflorum displayed a “strong and broad-spectrum application against tested plant pathogens, as well as standard antibiotics”, and could potentially be used as an antimicrobial agent in new drugs for therapy.
        • 3 min read
        KEY POINTS:
        • Substantial improvements were shown in the digestive capabilities and overall gut health of chickens fed Origanum minutiflorum.
        • The digestive enzyme activities, in both the pancreas and small intestine, significantly increased in chickens fed Origanum minutiflorum.
        • It was shown that Origanum minutiflorum essential oil may provide a progressive effect on the "quality of the intestines, secretion of digestive enzymes, and particularly the antioxidant defense potential against parasitic infections."
        • Higher, longer and wider villi, as well as decreased crypt depth were observed in the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum areas of the intestines, "providing a greater surface area for nutrient digestion and absorption."
        • These improvements contributed to "increased mucosal enzymes, absorption, and the efficiency of the nutrient transport system."
        • Origanum minutiflorum helped to establish "microbial balance throughout the intestines, enhanced nutrient utilization and gut passage rates (motility), as well as encouraged endogenous digestive enzymatic activity", resulting in an overall "increased intestinal absorptive surface area."1)
        • 2 min read