FAQ- Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Are ReThinkOil products guaranteed?

All our oils come with a shelf-life guarantee.  Replacements and returns are easy, just contact us at anytime before the product expiration date. 

*Our shelf-life guarantee is available only for purchases made directly through ReThinkOil, Amazon and Etsy.

What is the difference between a standardized essential oil and a pure or natural essential oil?

Standardized essential oils have been altered from their natural state to maintain consistency from harvest to harvest and/or to selectively increase naturally occurring constituents, like carvacrol. 

Increasing the carvacrol content is on the rise among distillers due to “the more carvacrol the better” campaign touted by many companies selling oregano oil.  Carvacrol can be increased by adding pure carvacrol to the water during distillation or by “boiling”. 

Regardless of the technique, the natural composition of the oil is altered, and synergy is compromised, rendering the oil less effective than in its natural state. 

If the oil would naturally contain 80% carvacrol and is standardized to increase the content to 90%, then 10% of otherwise naturally occurring constituents are lost to make room for the increase in carvacrol.

A pure, natural essential oil is an extraction of the volatile, aromatic compounds naturally contained within the plant.  A variety of extraction methods and processes are used in the industry to extract the compounds, creating an essential oil product. 

100% pure, natural essential oils are non-standardized extractions of the volatile, aromatic compounds contained within the plant and nothing else.

There is no need to standardize ReThinkOil’s 100% pure Oregano oil. From harvest to distillation, our supplier selects only the finest herb to pair up with their proprietary distillation process. This expert process creates a naturally balanced oil with a wide array of “anti” properties; exactly what Mother Nature intended it to be.

Do essential oils contain vitamins and minerals?

No, this is a common misconception. Although the whole plant herb may be rich in vitamins and minerals, the essential oil is not, regardless of where it is sourced from. This is true with any steam distilled essential oil, not just oregano. Because of the chemical structure of vitamins & minerals, they do not come through when the whole herb is distilled into a volatile oil. Essential oils do, however, contain volatile aroma compounds that are shown to be beneficial.

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