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About Us

ReThinkOil's founder is a Natural Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and avid researcher.

We offer personalized service, allowing each client the opportunity to utilize our products to their fullest potential, thereby maximizing the individual treatment plan. 

About Our Oregano

Having spent years thoroughly researching the therapeutic benefits of oregano, our Practitioner knew the importance of selecting a non-standardized, truly wild-Mediterranean grown oregano to offer her clientele.

ReThink's decision to offer the endemic minutiflorum subspecies, instead of the commonly sold vulgare, was well thought out. Based on the unique composition, our Practitioner believes the minutiflorum subspecies of Origanumto be the best that Mother Nature has to offer, so much so that ReThink was the first to bring it to the United States in its pure, undiluted form.

Our expertly distilled non-standardized Origanum minutiflorum boasts an impressive all-natural carvacrol content year after year, without the help of genetic modification, high heat distillation or added carvacrol (standardizing).

Our premium quality Origanum minutiflorum oil is available undiluted as pure essential oil, as a pre-diluted Oil of Oregano and in our one-of-a-kind delayed release capsules (WildCaps). 

Experience the minutiflorum difference!

Oils and Supplements

Sourced from Mother Nature's finest plants, we offer our clientele a limited selection of premium quality organic essential oils and carrier oils, scientifically shown to promote Natural Health and Wellness

For skin health, we selected Organic Jojoba and Calendula Oils.  Used alone or as 'carrier' oils for essential oils, these two are packed with their own unique healing properties.  Extensively studied for wound healing, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and fungus (among others), these oils can be used 'as-is' or added to existing moisturizers, lotions and serums to enhance the therapeutic value. 

Our line of pharmaceutical grade supplements were specifically selected to compliment a wide array of self-treatment protocols and can be used in conjunction with all the oils we offer.  Our line includes Pre & Probiotics, Anti-biofilm agents, Herbals, Enzymes and Vitamins & Minerals.

Our Practitioner & Founder

Teena holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health and Nutrition and is a Certified Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.  She ventured into the Natural Health and Nutrition field after suffering through years of ongoing health issues. Self-research guided her down the path of Natural Health and Nutrition, which she continually studies and utilizes to help others on their journey to wellness.