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Origanum Minutiflorum

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Origanum minutiflorum

Origanum minutiflorum is a rare herb, endemic to the high-altitude region of the Western Taurus Mountains, where its limited growth stretches in a narrow band between the Isparta and Antalya provinces. The Taurus Mountains reach well over 3700 meters (over 12,000ft) and are rich in naturally occurring mineral deposits, such as chromium, silver, copper, iron, ignite and zinc.

This high-altitude region is also abundant in limestone, waterfalls, and underground rivers, which contribute to the pristine growing conditions that produce this rare, highly sought after Origanum.

Origanum minutiflorum growing on Western Taurus Mountains in Turkey
ReThinkOil Origanum Minutiflorum Wild Oregano Oil Sustainable Harvesting

Sustainable Harvesting

Due to the near extinction of minutiflorum, the forestry department and village cooperatives developed a strict protocol for collection of minutiflorum. Their practice, which includes sustainable harvesting guidelines, has been successfully shown to be an example for sustainable wild-harvesting practices.

Permission must be granted before harvesting, to ensure maturity has been reached and seeds have set. At harvesting, the stems are hand-cut with a sharp knife or chisel to avoid uprooting of this precious plant.



Our non-standardized oil is expertly distilled to achieve maximum synergistic activity between the naturally occurring chemical constituents within the oil.

Standardizing by means of high-heat distillation is common in the industry and is done to increase levels of specific constituents, primarily carvacrol. High heat distillation minimizes synergy and can create toxins in the process.

Our Origanum minutiflorum is naturally high in carvacrol, so there is no need to standardize. This oil is as close to Mother Nature as it gets.

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ReThinkOil Oregano Oil in jar with dropper Origanum Minutiflorum
ReThinkOil Origanum Minutiflorum Wild Oregano Oil GC/MS Tested 100% Pure

GC/MS Tested for Purity

3rd party purity analysis for each harvest - always available right here on the product page (refer to photos by main product description above).

Each harvest is first analyzed in Turkey to ensure it meets our strict quality standards.

Once we receive the oil in the US it is again analyzed for purity to ensure no contamination or adulteration during the shipping process.

Our well qualified 3rd party Chemists utilize GC-MS testing, the gold standard in essential oil purity analysis.

A full transparent report is attached (refer to main photo's, by the product decription at the top of the page).

ReThinkOil oregano is made up of naturally occurring chemical constituents and nothing else.


The most natural option available in an intestinal release formula.

Releases in the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).

Enteric coated caps bypass this area entirely.

Free from the chemicals, plasticizers, solvents and additives commonly used on enteric coated caps.

Vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free.

Easy to swallow, "no-stick" capsules (WildCaps won't stick together in the bottle).

Capsule is virtually "odor-free"

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Supply Update

At this time, we would like to ask that you limit your purchases to a maximum of ONE of each Oregano product per order, to allow all customers to have access.

We are working diligently with our suppliers to be able to continue to provide our origanum minutiflorum.