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Oregano Oil Formulations

Choose from 3 Formulations

100% Pure, Undiluted Organic Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil

  • Pure oregano essential oil can be diffused or diluted into carrier of choice, for consumption or topical use.
  • Non-standardized, naturally high in carvacrol.
  • ECOCERT Certified Organic, food grade, undiluted, unadulterated, hand picked, sustainable harvesting 
  • 1  and 2 ounce size:
    Gourmet Organic Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano
    • For beginners or experienced users, Oil of Oregano is an excellent choice in a ready-to-use formula.
    • Commonly referred to as Oil of Oregano, our Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil is conveniently pre-diluted with Organic PDO Kolymvari Olive Oil for on the go immediate use.
    • 1:4 blend (1 part wild oregano : 4 parts PDO organic Kolymvari olive oil)
    • Food grade, pre-diluted, hand picked herb using sustainable harvesting
    • Current batch expires November 2022
    • The Oregano Oil in this formula contains: Carvacrol 82.66%, Thymol 0.28%
    • Click to view Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
      WildCaps (Wild Mediterranean Oregano liquid capsules)
      • The only oregano supplement available to utilize a non-enteric coated, plant-based delayed-release technology.  Depending on dosage timing, these capsules can achieve targeted intestinal release or traditional stomach release.
      • Current lot expires December 2022