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FAQ- Wildcaps


Why are the WildCaps brown?

We use sunflower lecithin in the formula, which is a brown color. *please note that the color of the contents will range from medium to dark brown, depending on the lot of sunflower lecithin used in the batch.

How are WildCaps different from other Oregano supplements on the market?

Good gut health is essential for properly functioning immune responses, which is why we teamed up with a world class leader in the capsule industry to formulate a supplement that has the option for release in the stomach or in the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).

Enteric coated capsules will release only in the presence of a alkaline pH (around 7-9), in the jejunum or ileum, completely bypassing the duodenum. Gelatin caps, and the like, will release in the acidic conditions of the stomach, oftentimes within minutes of consumption. 

WildCaps are free from the plasticizers, solvents and additives commonly used on enteric coated caps.

When should I take WildCaps?

WildCaps utilizes a timed-release technology that allows for stomach or intestinal release.  Under normal circumstances, the capsule should take about 50-75 minutes to release. 

Based on the results of a in vivo (human) clinical study on WildCaps "timed-release" technology, dosing suggestions are as follows:


  • Take on an empty stomach first thing in a.m., about 1.5 hours before eating.

  • Take before bedtime, at least 3 hours after the last meal. Alternatively, the dose can be taken during the night hours if you happen to be awake.

  • Dosing on an empty stomach in between meals may be difficult in those with impaired digestion because the emptying of stomach contents is often delayed, taking 4 or more hours.

If dosing in between meals, timing should ensure that the stomach has emptied the previous meal, then dose about 1.5 hour before the next meal.  This method may be difficult for those with impaired digestion, as food can remain in the stomach for an extended period. *Contact us if you are having difficulty achieving intestinal release.

DOSAGE TIMING SUGGESTIONS FOR RELEASE IN THE STOMACH:Take at the beginning of a protein containing meal or beverage.  *taking the dose after a meal will most likely result in heartburn and/or excessive oregano taste or belching.

Can I take WildCaps daily?

Each person is unique, however in general, WildCaps have been well tolerated and can be used daily by most individuals.

How many WildCaps can I take daily?

The goal is to take what you need to get the job done and no more. You achieve this goal by starting out with one capsule for a few days to see how you do. Re-evaluate at that time and decide if you should increase the dose. Some people will work up to several capsules per day for a few weeks, then taper down to a maintenance dose. Dosing is going to be different for everyone, so carefully monitoring what is going on will help you find a dose that works, specifically for you.

INCREASING THE DOSE:  When taking more than one capsule daily, increase the frequency of dosing first, rather than taking additional doses at the same time. Doing this allows a more constant flow of the active constituents within the oregano oil to circulate throughout the bloodstream.  Allow yourself a few days in between each increase to adjust to any potential die-off (Herxheimer) reactions.

Do I need take an iron supplement when using oregano oil?

Oregano contains phenolic compounds (also found in coffee, tea, cocoa...), that can "bind" to iron.  When phenolic compounds are consumed with a meal, the iron contained in the consumed meal may not be well absorbed and may need to be supplemented in those who intend to dose during meals for longer than a few weeks.  *Consuming phenolic compounds away from meals (on an empty stomach) has not been shown to impair the absorption of iron, although those who consume phenols multiple times throughout the day may need to supplement. 

I think the capsule released too soon because I tasted oregano shortly after taking it, what happened?

Capsule malfunctions are possible, although rare.  If a malfunction occurred the next dose should produce different results, so try that first. 

Because this capsule was designed to survive stomach acid, early capsule release may be experienced in some individuals with low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria).

Low stomach acid can be the result of impaired digestion, dysbiosis or as a result of using medications that reduce stomach acid.  Contact us directly if the issue does not resolve so that we can troubleshoot the dosing with you and provide alternative suggestions.

Do WildCaps cause side-effects?

The body is equipped with a built-in detoxification system, which includes the colon, liver, kidneys, respiratory tract, lymph system and skin, all working 24/7 to rid our bodies of toxic waste, a covert process that goes unnoticed until overloaded. 

Once in the intestines, one of the benefits of wild oregano oil is that it kills off harmful bacteria, fungi, etc.  When cells die they shed endotoxins, which are then dumped into the bloodstream, which can cause unpleasant die-off symptoms in some individuals.  It is for this reason that some individuals who take antibiotics report feeling worse before feeling better.  These unpleasant die-off symptoms (Jarish-Herxheimer Reaction) can last a few minutes to days or even weeks in some individuals, although most will never notice any symptoms at all.  The degree and duration of such symptoms will depend heavily on gut health, which is reflective of diet and lifestyle habits. 

Drink extra water to minimize potential die-off symptoms, which may include: mild to moderate bloating/gas, nausea, headaches, aches & pains, increased heart rate, itching, an overall “unwell” feeling and more.  Detoxification through the lungs and skin may cause a temporary increase in: phlegm and/or mucus production, a cough, sore throat, acne or other breakouts, dry/oily or itchy skin. Following the suggestions for "increasing the dose" will also help to reduce die-off symptoms.

Minimizing Heartburn: Herbs and spices are infamous for inducing heartburn; however, there are ways to minimize the chances of developing heartburn when dosing with spicy herbal supplements. For WildCaps specifically, try taking the dose either on an empty stomach (at least 1.5 hours prior to a meal) or just before eating a meal.  *because of the capsules timed-release technology, dosing after eating can cause heartburn in most individuals and should be avoided.

Discontinue use if side-effects are too unpleasant.

Do I need to take a probiotic with WildCaps?

Anyone who has taken a round of antibiotics or who has used prescription or over the counter pain medications should complete at least one round of quality, broad-spectrum probiotics. We do not recommend using yogurt as a probiotic due to the high sugar content, which can be counterproductive for many individuals. The probiotics should be taken at a separate time from the oregano. 

Were WildCaps manufactured and processed in accordance with FDA guidelines?

Yes, WildCaps were manufactured under GMP guidelines at a professional pharmaceutical facility.  Although not enforced, the FDA requires that all supplements sold in the US be manufactured and processed according to Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

*The FDA does not have the available resources to monitor or enforce GMP; it is ultimately up to the consumer to determine whether a supplement is GMP compliant prior to use.

What is die-off (Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction)?

Antimicrobial treatment designed to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites have long been associated with the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. When microorganisms die as a result of antimicrobial treatment, toxins are shed and dumped into the bloodstream and eliminated via detoxification.

Although most will never experience herxing, those who do may notice symptoms including chills and/or fever, rash, brain fog, fatigue, hypotension, tachycardia, hyperventilation, muscle pain, nausea and flushing. Symptoms typically last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days and should gradually subside, not progressively worsen.

Drinking extra fluids and getting plenty of plant-based fiber in the diet are natural ways to reduce die-off symptoms. When using a natural antimicrobial, such as oregano oil, dosing should be gradually increased to minimize and/or eliminate potential symptoms.