Quality You Can Count On

Our Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements are manufactured in facilities that are in strict compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Processes set forth by the FDA. 

This process assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of our products, and assures that you will receive the quality you deserve.

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients A-Lipoic Acid Bottle
Powerful, biologically available antioxidant†. Alpha-lipoic acid is a highly effective, biologically available and well researched antioxidant that works in both the fat-soluble and water-soluble portions of human cells.† Improves the effectiveness of Vitamins C and E
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Acetyl-L-Carnitine Bottle
Carnitine for the brain and nervous system†. L-carnitine derivative that helps maintain brain and nerve function during aging.† Benefits membrane stability, nerve growth factor, and cerebral blood flow.†
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Adrenal-Max Bottle
Enhances ability to respond to stress†. This specialized formula delivers beneficial amounts of glycyrrhizic acid, adrenal concentrate, and several vitamins. Not for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Advanced Flavonoids Bottle
Concentrated, affordably priced multiflavonoid. Provides a wide selection of different types of flavonoids using well-known botanical extracts such as green tea, ginkgo, and bilberry, with well-documented antioxidant and biochemical actions.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Advanced Mitochondria Bottle
Focused support for mitochondrial energy production†. Advanced Mitochondria supplies key nutrients and energy substrates to protect against free radicals and assist mitochondria in performing their critical functions most effectively.†
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Ashwagandha Complex Bottle
Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb†. Modulates cortisol release induced by physiological stress.†

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bacopa Max Bottle
BACOPA MAX (CDRI 08®) $28.98
Clinically shown to support working memory and retention†. Bacopa Max, a high potency standardized whole plant Bacopa monnieri extract CDRI 08®, is clinically demonstrated to support working memory and retention.†
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Berberine Bottle
BERBERINE (HCl) $28.03
Supports healthy glucose regulation†. Studies suggest a beneficial role of berberine in healthy glucose regulation.† Derived berberine is provided as berberine hydrochloride, the best studied form.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Beta Glucan + Quercetin Bottle
Beta-glucan + Quercetin offers synergistic immune support. The combined effects of quercetin and beta-glucan may be helpful in regulating the immune system during environmental exposure.

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-B Complex Bottle
High-potency, activated forms. Activated forms of B complex vitamins are provided for situations requiring maximum absorption or higher demand for B vitamins. Benfotiamine, the lipid-soluble form of thiamine, is included together with active forms of riboflavin, folate, B12, and B6.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-B12 Bottle
BIO-B12 $30.88
Provides 5 mg (5,000 mcg) of vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, the active form especially useful for supporting neurological function and homocysteine metabolism. Tablets may be dissolved in the mouth or swallowed whole. Scored tablets contain natural cherry flavor and xylitol and mannitol as natural sweetening agents.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-Choline Bottle
Bioavailable, active form. CDP Choline is a precursor of phosphatidylcholine, glycerophosphatidylcholine, and acetylcholine. It increases glutathione synthesis, augments glutathione reductase activity, and maintains mitochondrial cardiolipin levels.†

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-Curcumin Bottle
Bio-Curcumin is a hypoallergenic, bioavailable curcumin supplement containing Meriva®. An extensively studied curcumin extract, Meriva® has 18 times higher bioavailability of curcumin and 29 times higher relative absorption of total curcuminoids vs. standardized curcumin
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-Folate Bottle
Highly bioavailable folate as Metafolin®‡ L-5-MTHF. Bio-Folate contains L-5-MTHF, the active methylated form of folate, that efficiently supports methylation, DNA biosynthesis, homocysteine metabolism, and nervous system function.† Supplies 1,700 mcg DFE folate per capsule.
Bio-Krill $42.74
Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and phospholipids Krill Oil is a unique source of EPA-DHA that helps maintain healthy cholesterol within the normal range, promote healthy inflammation metabolism, and nourish brain cells.†

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-Methyl Bottle
Activated B vitamins plus TMG. Trimethylglycine (betaine) is combined with active forms of folate, vitamin B12, B6, and B2 to synergistically support methylation processes.†
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Bio-Zinc Bottle
Zinc citrate. Zinc is an essential mineral that activates more than 70 enzymes, including those that assist with protein synthesis and tissue repair.† For optimal assimilation and pH balance, this formulation uses zinc citrate.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Borage Seed Oil Bottle
Concentrated source of omega-6 GLA. Borage oil provides a higher ratio of GLA to linoleic acid than evening primrose oil and can be used to help reestablish a healthier omega-6 fatty acid balance.† Cold-pressed, free of hexane or other solvents.

Combines potent brush border enzymes to support optimal digestive enzyme activity to facilitate complete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and proteins. High in DPP-IV activity to fully digest proline-rich dietary proteins like casein and gluten that otherwise may have immunogenic or exorphin activities.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients C-Max Bottle
C-MAX $16.63
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. This formula combines ascorbic acid, ascorbic palmitate, and bioflavonoids for optimal vitamin C protection.
Citrate/hydroxyapatite blend. Important for bone and teeth formation, heartbeat regulation, nerve transmission, and neuromuscular activity.†

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Calcium Undecylenate-Max Bottle
Natural fatty acids and botanicals help rebalance intestinal microbiota†. Combines calcium undecylenate, berberbine, and other natural agents useful in supporting a healthy balance of intestinal microbiota, thus discouraging overgrowth of yeast and undesirable organisms.†
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Chewable Enzyme Blend Bottle
Chewable multi-enzyme formula. Chewable Enzyme Blend is a good choice for administering enzymes to children or adults who may prefer a chewable tablet.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Children's Chewable Probiotics Bottle
High-CFU, multispecies chewable probiotic. Children’s Chewable Probiotic is a broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic probiotic supplement designed for children 2 years of age and older.

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Complete Magnesium Bottle
A premier magnesium formula providing four important forms of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral for health, strength, and longevity; it functions as the required bio-inorganic catalyst in over 350 enzyme reactions.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Complex Multi Bottle
COMPLEX MULTI (Iron Free) $40.84
Comprehensive micronutrient essentials, iron-free Multiple vitamin/ mineral/trace element supplement for a sound nutritional foundation. Contains no iron. Capsule formula.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients D3 Bottle
D3 (1000 IU) $9.03
High-potency, 1,000 IU. Naturally occurring Vitamin D3 is provided in a high-potency amount (1,000 IU per capsule) for those needing to conveniently augment dietary intake.

ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients D3 (5000 IU) Bottle
D3 (5000 IU) $12.83
High-potency, 5,000 IU. Naturally occurring Vitamin D3 is provided in a high-potency amount (5,000 IU per capsule) for those needing to conveniently augment dietary intake.
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients D3 + K2 Bottle
D3 (5000) + K2 (100mcg) $25.64
Supports healthy bone structure, cardiovascular function, and immune response†. D3+K2 is a bioavailable combination of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and 100 mcg Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7, MK7).
ReThinkOil ReThinkNutrients Daily Multi Bottle
Two-per-day multiple, iron-free. More potent than common, over-the-counter multivitamins, Daily Multi is ideal for ensuring daily essential micronutrient needs of those who may be reluctant to take six-per-day multiple formulas but need more nutritional support than is provided by standard one-per-day products.

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Supply Update

At this time, we would like to ask that you limit your purchases to a maximum of ONE of each Oregano product per order, to allow all customers to have access.

We are working diligently with our suppliers to be able to continue to provide our origanum minutiflorum.